Eleocharis dietrichiana 'Len Waters'
Eleocharis dietrichiana 'Len Waters'
Eleocharis dietrichiana 'Len Waters'
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Eleocharis dietrichiana 'Len Waters'

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You are purchasing 1 x Eleocharis dietrichiana 'Len Waters', similar to first image. Plant to be sent in its pot carefully wrapped. 

Plants currently in dormancy, perfect time before spring to add them to the collection 

Before purchasing please contact us to see which provenance we may have close to you

Habit & Ecology:

Attractive clumping sedge 30-40cm high. Leaves have a distinctive almost white line along its length. This small species inhabits ephemeral ponds and as such now quite rare in Western Sydney where most of its habitat has become housing development or its habitat is no longer ephemeral. 

 Wildlife seen using this species:

Not yet known but expected as most aquatics have close associations with organisms dependent on seed/roots/leaves 

Great shelter plant for frog species

Human uses:

Not known to our knowledge presently 


An undemanding plant thrives in on the edges of ponds in a sunny situation. A great addition to the ephemeral ponds, contact us on how to do this!


Best grown as an emergent water plant, edges of ponds. Would do well in small or large ponds, sealed pots turned into ponds 


Full sun/Morning sun afternoon shade


Humidity from pond or environment should be adequate


Most soils work fine, be careful about soils high in nutrients and not adequately contained in the pot placed in water as nutrients will leach through & promote temporary but potentially damaging algal growth to other pond inhabitants.


Will grow during the warmer months going dormant in the cold. 

Grows well with:

Azolla pinnata, Azolla filiculoides, Hydrocharis dubia, Utricularia aurea, Utricularia gibba


Protect your local biodiversity, do not release any plant into your local environment even if native. Plants from cultivated sources may not be of genetic local provenance and interfere with local population ecology and genetics  

- We do our best to check for hitch hikers before sending but we can't guarantee there wont be any. We suggest all plants be quarantined to contain any potential hitchhikers (algae to aquatic & land snails/inverts ) no matter the supplier 

- Apologies we cannot send plants internationally to WA, TAS or NT (Biosecurity)

- Please pay for plants/items by 1pm Saturday to give us time to package the plants before post day MondaysPayment after 1pm Saturday will mean plants posted the following weekIf there is a public holiday during the post week we will post the following week to avoid the plant spending excess time in transit 

- Be aware we cannot claim responsibility for delayed times in postage. 

- We do our best to carefully package & post on Sundays/Mondays to minimise delays in transit. We care about our plant life some of which are rare, we want the plants to arrive to you in the best possible condition. But please note some factors are out of our control  especially in current times

Happy Growing

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