Senecio quadridentatus Cotton Fireweed

Senecio quadridentatus Cotton Fireweed

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If you can get past the weedy look of the Aussie native you are well on your way to a very successful habitat/edible garden. This plant acts as a sacrificial, acting like an aphid magnet. This means aphids mass upon this plant leaving your herbs and veggies untouched. The Aphid population grows strongly without too much of an effect on the Senecio and soon the large aphid population size attracts the attention of beneficial predators like lady birds and native aphid parasitic wasps. A small price to pay for this plant's weedy looks in order to get free pest management. Perhaps it even calls these beneficial predators over to it!

Study required on our Senecio beneficial predator communication theory.

Plants can be pruned if growing past the 30cm high mark.


A very undemanding plant to look after, simply provide it with moisture. Thrives in a position of morning sun and afternoon shade.  

Easily shaped and hedged if trained from a young age to maturity. Enjoys well drained soils with adequate moisture. Responds well to regular pruning. 

Before purchasing please contact us to see which provenance we have close to you.


Currently plants are propagated to order. Please contact us for more information.

Price listed per tube stock (images to come).

Tube stock size is preferable as it allows plants to be transported much easier as well as establishing much quicker in their new homes compared to larger sized plants

Protect your local Biodiversity

Do not release any plant into your local environment even if native. Plants from cultivated sources may not be of genetic local provenance and interfere with local population genetics.

Happy to combine postage at a revised rate if additional plants are purchased.

Apologies we cannot Send to WA, TAS or NT due biosecurity.

Please pay by 4pm Saturday before post day Sunday to give us time to package the plants. Payments after 4pm Saturday will likely result in plants being packaged and posted on the following Sunday.

Plants will be express posted on Sundays

Be aware that we cannot claim responsibility for delayed times in postage.

We do our best to package carefully & post on Sundays to minimise delays in transit, we care about our plant life some of which are rare, we want the plants to arrive to you in the best possible condition. But please note some factors are out of control, especially in current times.

Please contact us with any questions.

Happy growing!


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