Be prepared for the Native Bees this Spring

Many are all well aware of the decline of the European honey bees across the world, but sadly, that same awareness isn't their for thousands of native bee species. In fact in Australia the European Honey Bee has been listed as a threatening process to our Aussie fauna and flora! We have witnessed in our own Nursery and garden European bees attacking Blue banded Bees over native Hypericum! 

Regardless of where we stand with the view on European honey Bees one thing is very apparent, our native bees do need a helping hand. That helping hand can come in the form of creating bee hotels with various materials/media; planting local provenance native plants in our gardens; protecting all remaining habitats where possible & finally, probably the most important being creating awareness for our endemic bee species.

Over the next few weeks we will go through some of the native bees you may encounter in your garden and make some suggestions of which plants they may use for food/resting, so keep up to date with our blogs and feel free to contact us with questions.



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