Welcome to DMV Nursery & Gardens!

Our owner is Damien Vella, and is he guiding us all on our mission to create better world - one plant at a time! 

How did it start?

The catalyst for our journey started decades ago when Damien was introduced to a Venus Fly Trap. Who would have thought a plant could eat a bug? As it turns out there are hundreds of insect eating plant species. There are hundreds of different species native to Australia too.

One soon realises in order to see animals in your garden you need Australian plants too. So, the interconnectivity of our natural world has inspired us to keep growing, just keep growing!

We now propagate and supply a wide variety of plants all over Australia. And by doing so, we are contributing to creating a better world.

What do we do?

We supply plants including Australian Native Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Indoor Plants, Edible Plants, Local Provenance Plants (more on that below) and others - check out all our plants here.

We also conduct garden consultations (onsite or virtual) and provide you with a detailed report full of recommendations customised to your specific garden.

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on being able to supply local provenance plants. What does that mean?

Put simply it means origin. As it turns out one population of plants growing in one area are different to another population of the same plant growing in another area. Same species, just different populations. Give each population time and they potentially would become so different that they would turn into their own species in the future.

We consider the translocation of populations to be a very reactive approach without evidence the populations couldn’t survive a human induced climate shift.                                                                           

So, here we are working hard to conserve those very unique populations.

For we cannot care for something we do not know about.

We cannot care for something that we don’t realise benefits us in the long run.


We can be better, together.

Happy Growing!