Water Feature / Pond Consultations

Looking to create a pond on your property, or make changes to your existing ponds, but don't know where to start? We can help.

Our PACKAGE 3 for Water Feature or Ponds will give you all the info you need to get the best from your pond.

PACKAGE 3: Water Feature or Pond

($475.00 + GST or $80 + GST per hour virtual online)

  • Thinking about creating a pond? We’ll help you assess a variety of considerations to get the best possible result
  • Also great for already established ponds looking for a potential revamp or new direction
  • Water plants suitable for pond’s purpose suggested
  • Native fish suggestions
  • Ideas for frog ponds/habitat creation and positioning of pond
  • Advice on how to create ephemeral ponds and unique flora and fauna species that can be introduced or attracted
  • Natural ways to deal with algae
  • A final flora species list document determined for the pond to be provided via email afterwards

Contact us to enquire or book.

Backyard pond with native plants