Azolla pinnata

Azolla pinnata

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You are purchasing 1 x pack containing up to 50 or more individual plants

Before purchasing please contact us to see which provenance we might have close to you.

Habit & Ecology:

Attractive aquatic fern who has evolved to float in many of Australia's waterways. The plant with high nutrients can rapidly cover ponds so thick that it looks like a hard surface, with thick covering the plant prevents mosquito larvae from being able to reach the surface to breath.

Wildlife seen using this species

This fern's aquatic roots are an ecosystem unto themselves and a great educational use for microscopy on pond life. Ferns roots contain many microbial species seemingly endemic to the roots of this fern. Different provenances observed to have different compositions of microbes!

Other species observed using this

- Clam shrimp species

- Ostracod species (tiny crustaceans)

- Native Rainbow Fish (lay eggs on floating vegetation)

Human uses:

A potential food plant though from our understanding more study required. 



Pond plant floats on waters surface of ponds or aquarium setups. Requires water for it to float on at all times. 


Outdoors can grow in shade or sun and under strong aquarium lights indoors

Before purchasing please contact us to see which provenance we might have close to you.


- You may receive additional species in the pack (duck weed etc) Doing our best to purify our collections and stop frog movement between our cultures!

Protect your local biodiversity, do not release any plant into your local environment even if native. Plants from cultivated sources may not be of genetic local provenance and interfere with local population ecology and genetics  

- We do our best to check for hitch hikers before sending but we can't guarantee there wont be any. We suggest all plants be quarantined to contain any potential hitchhikers (algae to aquatic & land snails/inverts ) no matter the supplier 

- Apologies we cannot send plants internationally to WA, TAS or NT (Biosecurity)

- Please pay for plants/items by 1pm Saturday to give us time to package the plants before post day MondaysPayment after 1pm Saturday will mean plants posted the following weekIf there is a public holiday during the post week we will post the following week to avoid the plant spending excess time in transit 

- Be aware we cannot claim responsibility for delayed times in postage. 

- We do our best to carefully package & post on Sundays/Mondays to minimise delays in transit. We care about our plant life some of which are rare, we want the plants to arrive to you in the best possible condition. But please note some factors are out of our control  especially in current times

Happy Growing

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